Month: June 2024

West Coast Swing on Tues & Fridays

In addition to our TCPC sponsored West Coast Swing multiple lessons on Wed, there are other options!

Tuesdays 8pm Westie Remix HD hosts a WCS night. Content varies, sometimes a critique, other times a workshop, or a mini series, followed by a social. Intermediate level or above suggested. But stop in and check it out sometime.

Fridays with Maria are a barrel of fun. Maria brings in guest instructors sometimes, or hosts herself: West Coast Swing embellishments, techniques, and more. Class is from 7-8pm, and when there’s a swing social in the studio, it is included.

Also on Friday, at 7pm, is a newbie West Coast Swing 101. Only $5. Gets your feet wet and on your way in this west coast swing journey.

It’s a good idea to check the studio’s social media, or with the particular groups, for any updates and current content- as the topics vary, except for the WCS 101 class which is pretty much self explanatory! Hope to see you out dancing soon!