Private Lessons

Robert Nelson - 2155

Robert Nelson

Robert has competed in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels of West Coast Swing. He’s available for privates at various levels. For privates contact Robert at 214-616-1382.

Judy Megaffin - WCS Instructor

Judy Megaffin

Judy has danced and competed in West Coast since 1996. She has competed 30 different routines around the country and continues to keep her WCS teacher and judging training current. She teaches all levels of WCS. For privates, contact her at

Deon Harrell - WCS Instructor

Deon Harrell

A champion in the West Coast Swing community, Deon brings his energy and dance inclusiveness into all his lessons. For privates contact Deon at DM.

Joel and Amanda Gorman - 2155 Dance - Instructors

Joel & Amanda Gorman

Joel and Amanda compete at the Advanced level.  They study and work with the best in the industry to hone their craft. For privates email


CJ Caraway

CJ travels  and dances the circuit at All Star level abd Masters division. For privates you can reach him at: 214-455-3040.

Haley Haugham - 2155 Dance - Instructor

Haley Hauglum

Haley has been dancing practically her entire life with a background in many different styles such as jazz, tap, ballet and modern dance. She’s available to teach at various levels of WCS. Best is to message her on facebook messenger.

Adrian Carson - Swing Out Instructor - 2155

Adrian Carson

Adrian teaches Swing out and Chicago Steppin’. To schedule a private, email or call 972-877-0284

Beata Howe and Robert Nelson

Beata Howe

A three time U.S. Open Swing Champion, Beata’s available for privates in ballroom, country, Latin, swing, and freestyle. She also specializes in wedding dances and mashups. Visit her website  or text her 214-680-4933 to schedule a private.  Host and director of Swinging’ at Sea Dance Cruises.  


Maria Bileychik

Belarusian native Maria Bileychik, now based in DFW, danced and competed in the ballroom circuit for 20 years until she found West Coast Swing in 2014. Blending her different dance styles, she enjoys how WCS, and dance in general, allows her to express and improvise. Since 2015, she has taught WCS in the U.S. and abroad. Her teaching focus is connection skills, technique for blues music, and follower’s styling. Maria is also a certified judge. For lessons you can reach her through Facebook.


Felicia Hoeppner

Felicia competes at the All Star level in west coast swing. You can reach her via link tree /calendly.

Keerigan Rudd 

Keerigan competes at the All Star level in west coast swing. You can find his info on 

Steven Spellman

Steven has been competing in West Coast swing circuit and Dancehall Country. You can find his group info at

Britni Weaver

Britni travels as a west coast swing DJ and competes at the advanced level. Reach out to her on facebook msg for info on privates.